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Many websites require that users create a username and password in order to personalize their content. All too often, people select passwords that are very easy for others to guess. If a password is compromised, it can lead to various problems including fraud and identity theft. helps you generate stronger passwords.


We've preselected the most common options in the password generator above. Simply click the "Generate password" button to generate a new password.

The first character is often restricted to be a letter, so "number" and "other" are not selected by default. However, you can check those boxes in order to have an even stronger password, if you know for sure that your system permits non-letters as the first character in the password.

Using symbols, in addition to letters and numbers, makes passwords much more difficult for others to guess. By default, the "other" characters include the following common symbols: ! @ # $ % * - = + ? If your system permits additional symbols to be entered as valid password characters (such as periods, round brackets, square brackets, etc.) you may enter them into the "Extra password characters" field.

As the password is generated entirely by Javascript in your browser, we will never know your password. For extra safety, you may wish to clear your browser cache after visiting P10.

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